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± 2020 ha

Farm for sale - Somerset East - Schoongesight

Farm Schoongesight: 2020,8059 ha (includes farm Vlakte)
a. Remainder of the farm Lunsklip no 69 (extent 526,8161ha) and Portion 2 of the farm Lunsklip no 69 (extent 763,5654ha) and Portion 3 of the Lunsklip no 69 (extent 1, 1534ha) and Portion 4 of the Farm Lunsklip no 69 (extent 1,8901ha) and Portion 6 (De Werf) of the farm Lunsklip no 69 (extent 2,2813ha) and portion 6 (Schoongezicht) (portion of portion 3) of the farm Grootvlakte no 49 (extent 229,0837ha)

Farm Vlakte
d. Portion 9 (A Portion of Portion 7) of the farm Groote Dam (Vlakte) no 26 (extent 495, 2626ha)

I. General description

The property is presently used for grazing of domestic stock as well as free ranging game.

The composition of the veld consists of three types viz.
1. Riverine vegetation (Thorn trees).
2. Broken Xeric Succulent Valley Bushveld.
3. Karroid broken veld.

Distance and location of nearest town
Property is situated 35 km northwest of Somerset East.

Summer rainfall area.

Schoongesight 350 mm p.a. Vlakte 450mm p.a.

Schoongesight - Flats. Undulating to mountainous. Vlakte - Flats

Veld condition
Veld suitable for browsers and grazers. (Wild plum, Papea capensis; Wild pomegranate, Rigosum. obovatum; Spekboom, Portulacaria afra; Ghwarri, Euclea undulata; & Thorn – (Acacia – Vachellia - karoo); various karoo bush species, pioneer to climax grasses - eg. Themeda triandra - and forbs).

Cultivated soil utilization
Dry land and lucerne under irrigation.

Pasture utilization
Veld is utilized by domestic stock (small and large) and game.

Water supply
Water for domestic stock and game watering purposes is supplied from earth dams and mono pumps.

Grazing capacity
10 hectares / L.S.U. (2016 Long Term Grazing Capacity – ha/LSU – Eastern Cape.

Infrastructural improvements
Large dwelling, garages and outbuildings.There are labour dwellings on the unit. Other infrastructural improvements on the unit are primarily utilized for the processing of stock and game products.

Electricity supply

II. Infrastructural description

(a) Veld Schoongesight Vlakte
Number of camps 16 4
Number of camps with stock water 16 4
Number of permanent boreholes 2 1
Number of windmills - 1
Number of pumps (electric, etc.) 2
Condition of pumps Good
Number of reservoirs (cement, soil) 23 2
Number of troughs 8 2
Number of fountains 3
Type of internal fence Stock proof
Type of boundary fence Stock and problem animal proof
Stock handling facilities (e.g. kraals, dipping tanks) Normal facilities

1 1499 Undulating
2 495 Farm Vlakte

Lands (current)
1 Dry
2 Under irrigation

Structures Area

Shearing shed 379
Outbuilding 214
Shed open 204
Shed open 444
Labour dwellings
Main dwelling
Permanent residence 408

It is understood that the property comprises of the above, although nothing is guaranteed and the buyer should inspect the property to confirm the contents for himself.

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